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Aloha Nachos ₱315.00

Nachos, BBQ pulled pork

Sizzling Pork Sisig ₱400.00

Pork belly, liver pâté, onions, chilli

Mango & Tuna Ceviche ₱420.00
Whitefish, onion, ginger, cucumber, and mango, with calamansi juice & vinegar

Buffalo Wings  ₱485.00

Onion Rings  ₱310.00
Onions in beer batter, tartar dip


Tomato Basil Soup  ₱230.00
Pomodoro Cream with galic bread

Seafood Bouillabaise Soup  ₱230.00
Roast mixed seafood in tomato base

Chicken Binakol Soup  ₱360.00
Chicken strip with coconut meat & ginger



Caesar Salad ₱340.00

Greens, bacon, anchovies, parmesan, croutons

Citrus Salad with Shrimp ₱505.00

Greens, orange, mango, desiccated coconut, citrus dressing

Mango-Kani Salad ₱340.00

Greens, kani sticks, mango, sesame seeds, jap mayo-sesame dressing

Hawaiian Chicken Salad  ₱340.00
Grilled chicken, lettuce, apple, onion, and pineapple with house dressing



Carbonara ₱340.00

Bechamel, bacon, parmesan, spaghetti with garlic bread

Frutti di Mare ₱505.00

Squid, shrimp, mussels, olive oil, parmesan

Bolognese  ₱340.00
Pomodoro, ground beef, parmesan, spaghetti, with garlic bread

Chicken Pesto ₱360.00
Pesto basil with grilled chicken and garlic bread

Vegetable Arrabbiata  ₱315.00
Vegetables, pomodoro, chilli peppers with garlic bread



Margherita ₱420.00

Pomodoro, mozzarella, herbs

Diablo Pepperoni ₱430.00

Pepperoni, dried chilli flakes, mozzarella

Hawaiian  ₱450.00
Pomodoro, mozzarella, ham & pineapple

Chicken BBQ  ₱450.00
BBQ sauce, mozzarella, chicken, red onion

Meat Lovers  ₱575.00


teriyaki burger

Teriyaki Burger ₱505.00

USDA ground beef, pineapple, red onions, teriyaki sauce, cheese, fries
bacon burger

Bacon Murshroom Burger ₱505.00

USDA ground beef, bacon, mushroom, lettuce, onion, tomato, wedges

Aloha Club Sandwich ₱380.00
Chicken, ham, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, fries, choice of white or brown bread

Roasted Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich  ₱360.00
Toast white bread, cheddar & mozzarella cheese, parmesan

Filipino Corner

Sinigang (Pork or Prawn) ₱580.00
Pork cutlets or prawns, tomatoes, onions, local spinach, radish, tamarind broth

Bistek Tagalog ₱465.00
Thinly sliced beef, calamansi, red & white onions, soy sauce

Kare-Kare (Pork or Seafood) ₱550.00
Seafood or pork Lechon belly, peanut butter sauce, eggplant, local spinach, straw beans

Adobo (Chicken or Pork) ₱400.00
Tangy savory & slightly sweet chicken or pork dish

Pancit Guisado ₱340.00
Stir fried noodles, chicken, mixed vegetables, choice of bihon or canton

Pinakbet with Bagnet ₱380.00
Sauteed pork, mixed vegetables, shrimp paste, deep fried liempo

Chopsuey ₱320.00
Sauteed pork or chicken & mixed vegetables


Loco Moco

Loco Moco (Beef or Chicken) ₱380.00

USDA ground beef or chicken, steamed rice, eggs, gravy
Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips ₱440.00

Beer batter tanigue, onion rings, chips

Lemon Grass Chicken ₱380.00
Chicken wings, lemon grass marinade, pilaf rice sesame soy dip

Crispy or Grilled Pork Belly  ₱440.00
Pork belly, barbeque or spicy vinegar dip, slaw, choice of one side

Hawaiian Chicken Kebab ₱440.00
Marinated chicken fillet, egg fried rice, hawaiian coleslaw, teriyaki sauce

ABIG Specialty

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Half Rack  ₱750.00
Imported ribs, barbeque marinate, slaw, choice of one side

Full Rack  ₱1,400.00
Imported ribs, barbeque marinate, slaw, choice of two sides

Seared Salmon ₱860.00
Pan seared salmon, house salad, creamy basil sauce

Crusted Peper Steak ₱940.00
Tenderloin Steak/200g, house salad, creamy garlic mushroom sauce

Burrito (Chicken or Beef) ₱500.00
Homemade tortilla, beef or chicken strip, tomato salsa, lettuce red beans & cheese

Kids Menu

Spaghetti Meatballs ₱190.00

Chicken Fingers & Wedges ₱220.00

Slider Burger & Fries ₱190.00

Ballpark Hotdog & Fries ₱185.00

Chicken Nuggets with Rice ₱185.00

Family Platter

Baby Back Ribs with Sausage ₱945.00
Imported ribs, barbeque marinate, slaw, choice of two side

Baby Back Ribs with Butter Garlic Shrimp ₱1,280.00
Imported ribs, barbeque marinate, slaw, choice of two sides

Hawaiian Chicken Kebab With Sausage  ₱710.00
Marinated chicken fillet, sausage, egg, fried rice, hawaiian coleslaw, teriyaki sauce 

Hawaiian Chicken Kebab with Butter Garlic Shrimp  ₱820.00
Marinated chicken fillet, shrimp, egg fried rice, hawaiian coleslaw, teriyaki sauce

Breaded Fried Chicken ₱1030.00
Breaded chicken, 4 cups of pilaf rice, coleslaw, sauces

Grilled Seafood Platter Steak ₱2920.00
Salmon, jackfish, white fish, mussels, prawn, squid, choice of 4 sides

Grilled Meat Platter ₱2620.00
Baby back ribs, pork belly, chicken quarter, sausage, beef kofta, choice of 4 sides

Aloha Surf & Turf ₱2890.00
Baby back ribs, pork belly, chicken quarter, salmon squid, prawn, choice of 4 sides


Sautéed Vegetables  ₱105.00

French Fries  ₱105.00

Mac & Cheese ₱130.00

Mashed Potato  ₱105.00

Coleslaw  ₱60.00

Kimchi  ₱60.00

Salsa  ₱105.00

Pickles  ₱60.00

Steamed Rice ₱60.00

Garlic Rice  ₱70.00

Pilaf Rice ₱80.00


Lava cake

Lava Cake  ₱255.00
Dark chocolate, cream, cherry, vanilla ice cream

Cheesecake (Mango, Blueberry)  ₱295.00

Chocolate Moist Cake  ₱250.00

Fried Sticky Rice with Mango & Cocoa Dip ₱200.00

Mango Royale ₱230.00

Choco Choco Ice Cream ₱210.00

Seasonal Fruit Platter ₱265.00
Assorted fresh fruits in season

Aloha Cruise Ship ₱275.00

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